I'm Casey Micallef and I preserve memories.

Photography wasn't my first calling in life. It wasn't until our third child, Blake was born that I realised how grown up our boys were. Dylan was 6, Jason was 4. Weren't they only just newborns? Learning to crawl? Wobbling while trying to get thier balance to take their first step? I realised in that moment that I didn't have a good record of their lives. I barely had any footage of them! Sure I had the random phone photos, the in the moment quick snap. But nothing that showed their little freckles starting to show, their cute giggles they have now outgrown.

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After reminiscing, wishing I could relive it, I suddenly realised something even more astounding. My kids didn't have photos of me. Or moreso, them WITH me. If I did get a quick snap, it was me taking it. I didn't see the value of it in the moment. It wasn't until it was too late that I realised I have so few photos holding my babies, helping them walk, rolling around together. The only photo I had of my entire family together, was a blurry selfie 30 minutes after my last c-section. 3 years before. When I am gone, what will they have? What will my husband, Daniel have?

Photography quickly became important. Photos that show more than the moment. Photos that showed the connection. The photos that show details; that spark memories. My second calling in life is now driving me forward.


After years of capturing images and preserving memories, I still wasn't satisfied. Why? Why is this not ticking the boxes for me? I was so frustrated and couldnt put my finger on why.

To try to solve my problem, I decided to upskill. I started looking for inspiration to get me back to the focus I had so few years ago. Inspiration hit me fair in the face.

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After stumbling across something that didn't look remotely interesting to me, I was asked a question I could not answer?

"What preserves a memory more than a photo? "

More than a photo? Isn't presrving memories what I'm doing? The answer has changed my entire way of thinking. Film. I can't photograph giggles, cute mispronuciations, awkward waddling. Photographs show connection, but film emanates it. I love experimenting with film. I can't wait to start offering it as a package.

It wasn't long after starting to film and photograph these connections that I started hearing a recurring theme amongst the mums I was working with. "I never get dressed up", "I always look terrible in photos", "I'm always behind the camera", " I rarely get to do something just for myself", " I crouch behind everyone else in the photo to hide","What social life?".

How can I make these women feel proud to be themselves? How can I show them they are beautiful? How can they not see what I see?

If i was in a photo, it looked like this (hiding!) >>>

Behold, Indulge sessions! No seriously, every woman should at least once in their life, Indulge on themselves! It is an amazing feeling watching a woman transform into the most confident version of herself and capture that memory. I am truly blessed to being doing what I love, and sharing this experience with these women; I couldn't ask for more.


Writing the above REALLY made me reflect. I am encouraging others to do what I refuse to. WHY am I refusing? What is so difficult about it? At my recent Celebrating Christmas sessions, my mum tagged along to get some updated photos of herself with our children. I set ourselves up and asked mum to grab this beauty! So PROUD of myself! Can you say the same??



Katie Phillips

Casey was amazing! She managed to capture stunning photos while managing to keep my 4 and 6 year olds entertained! Thank you so much!

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